Journey To Self

‘Journey to Self’ is an intense story of friendship, sacrifice, empowerment and self-respect. Four childhood friends, Regina, Nse, Rume and Alex, receive news that another long time friend of theirs, Uche, has died. Uche was the magnet that pulled her friends together and over the years had become their shoulder to cry on, so much so in fact that she never felt she could tell them about her own problems. As part of her last request, the ladies travel to Uche’s home in Abuja for her funeral. The four ladies, on arriving at Uche’s house, find that she has left a series of letters in which she speaks to them from beyond the grave. The letters provoke her friends to open up on emotional baggage, as secrets and fears are revealed, leading to a journey of self discovery. For Regina, Nse, Rume and Alex the weekend they spend in Uche’s house becomes an emotional roller coaster as individual characters are tested. ‘Journey to Self’ is an intense, dialogue-based movie where the viewer is sure to embark on the same emotional journey as with the characters.

Duration: 90mins
Director: Tope Oshin-Ogun
Starring: Nse Ikpe – Etim, Dakore Akande, Ashionye Michelle Raccah, Katherine Obiang,Tosin Sido
Production Year: 2015
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